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October 05 2017

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October 02 2017

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October 01 2017

And I was even excited, man, what a let down. I shouldn’t even get my hopes up next time and just… Decline.

September 30 2017

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The explanation, 1952, Rene Magritte

Size: 35x46 cm
Medium: oil, canvas

rene magritte this does not explain ANYTHING

You already know tf  goin on!!!, 1952, Rene Magritte

Size: 35x46 cm

Medium: oil, canvas

September 29 2017

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are you an “arrr” pirate or a “yo ho ho” pirate

I’m an “I’m not paying $600 for Photoshop” pirate

oh this one is good

August 28 2017

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August 26 2017

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The Cornetto Trilogy was so much fun to watch

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Can a scientist pls answer

sittin there? lettin a dude blow you? 👀 🤔


a blog: *follows me*

me, an aged monarch lounging on my fur-strewn throne, gesturing for my servant to bring me my monacle: Bring them here! Bring them here, I say. Let me look at them.

guards: *drag the unwitting blog before me*

me, peering intently at the new blog and poking them with my scepter: Is this a real person? Hmm? What have you to say for yourself? What are your fandoms? Your interests? Speak up, these old ears aren’t what they used to be.

guards, tentatively: they do seem to be a real person, sire. We found them in possession of several memes and a fandom rant.

me, subsiding back into my sumptuous furs and waving them away: most extraordinary. It has been an age since there was a real person, but just as well, the dungeons have been overflowing with those tacky pornbots. This newcomer may remain in my domain. Make them welcome. And fetch me a quill! I feel a ficlet coming on…

August 25 2017


buying peaches is so stressful because you have to consume them so quickly…it’s like the moment the cashier types in that number the alpha peach turns to its brothers in the bags and says “alright listen up boys, it’s time to remember your training. i want to see immense bruising by sundown. i want to see you near inedible by sunrise. remember it is better to die a free man than to be eaten.” you gotta wolf down all of your peaches at the check out counter while the trader joe’s employees eagerly look at the Peach Consumption Countdown Clock and cheer you on. these peaches have sensors on them that can tell when they come into contact with human hands so they can begin their self-destruct sequence like you’re in a spy movie and the peach just relayed a message to you about the whereabouts of jimmy hoffa’s decayed remains

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If Karamatsu ever speaks in spanish I will die and you won’t hear about me anymore





the only person who is allowed to poke my stomach is my cat because he’s a very important baker who has biscuits to make




been watching livestreams of US news channels lately and

1) they have a LOT of commercial breaks

2) i didn’t realize that ads for medicine were actually like this

ppl keep reblogging this and asking “well what are the medicine ads like in your country” and like…there aren’t any? It’s literally illegal to advertise prescription medicine here?

All of America: God I wish that were me

August 24 2017



When I draw a character with their clothes on:

Drawing them with clothes off:

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there are only two modes

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me fucked up in the park listening to my podcasts

August 23 2017

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My Twitter did a thing

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