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May 22 2018


the older i get the more i understand the weird shit my grandma says like she say “some people have never cleaned a bathroom in their life and it shows when they speak” and honestly? tea.

May 21 2018


Taako, hat in hand when the vogue elves show up:

May 20 2018

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Yuudai sighing, based on this part of this strip from Sakana


May 18 2018

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Ladybug & Chat Noir
Miraculous Ladybug Trailer


“this character did a problematic thing-” its a story helen, commonly including things like conflict and drama

May 16 2018

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any spanish speaker: cojer

méxico and argentina:

méxico: cuantos años tiene? (how old is he?)

argentina: ni idea, pero es un pendejo (idk, but he is a pendejo)


(pendejo in mex = insult. pendejo in arg= young boy)

méxico: wait a sec, i’m gonna eat a concha.


(concha in mex = a type of bread. concha in arg = pussy)

spanish woman: hi, my name is concha



(concha in spain = seashell and a female name. concha in arg = pussy)

mex: i love cajeta, it’s so sweet!


(cajeta in mex = dulce de leche [caramel]; cajeta in arg = pussy) 

spanish speaker: h-

argentina: thats pussy, babe!!

May 14 2018


me, after buying things for myself and trying not to feel guilty about it: *through gritted teeth* s-self care

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Aggretsuko has a cat boy and he’s immediately one of the best cat boys i’ve ever seen because not only is he big and beefy but he’s also based off the Pallas Cat (aka the Manul, hence the name Manumaru)

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Want more info? Here ya go: 


This Biology Teacher Disproved Transphobia With Science 


Sex redefined

“The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.”

More on anti-trans arguments as bad science

As a biologist I am reblogging this so hard.

Biological sex is not and has never been a binary. The complexity of the natural world cannot be contained in neat little societal boxes. Stop using science to justify your bigotry.

The complexity of the natural world cannot be contained in neat little societal boxes. Stop using science to justify your bigotry.

Calling all artists!


If your commissions are open and you do draw OC’s, please reblog this post! 

If you are not an artist but know of one, please reblog this and tag them or just mention their url in the tags! 

And hey, even just reblogging helps! I will be keeping a comprehensive list of artists who can be commissioned to draw characters/OC’s on the blog!


me: logs into my google account

google all up in my email: BITCH??? THE FCUK IS YOU HACKED???




petition and information

Everyone reblog this. A girl is about to be executed because she stood up to her rapist. Seriously, it takes you one second, and could save her life.

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that one scene in that movie is so Them

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May 13 2018





The key to getting over imposter syndrome is to know everyone else is an imposter too. Tell yourself you deserve a stake in the scam they’re all running.

Ummmm excuse me but this is fucking brilliant.

Did you just cure imposter syndrome with… spite?

You can cure a LOT with spite.

May 11 2018

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When your favorite NPC is not romanceable and you have to just stare at them like



gollums loincloth is like 2 inches of toilet paper and he’s hopping around like disneys quasimodo doing acrobatics and we as an audience are narrowly spared from seeing his peepee but you cannot you CANNOT argue that sam and frodo didnt see it at least once!! they didn’t want to but they didn’t have things like camera angles to save them they probably saw gollums swinging little meat sack a hundred times and both of them just decided to never ever mention it

did they decide to never ever mention it or are they talking about it constantly every time the camera cuts away? we the audience get to decide and that’s why i think fiction is so powerful

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