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June 14 2017

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Ignis on How to Ride a Chocobo Elegantly.

Like a true gentleman.

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Endearing Qualities:


Aries: “I can be argumentative towards someone I care for but if someone else does it towards them then that’s just not on.”

Taurus: Expressing affection through physical goods, whether that’s preparing food, baking goods, or seemingly random gifts. They can find that generosity communicates more than they could in words.

Gemini: Their short attention span. Even in times of hurt and anger, if they can find something to be curious about, they can shift into a new experience, much like distracting a child. And I don’t mean that in a patronising way. They morph their reality.

Cancer: The warmth and care they often show to those that are vulnerable, almost like an openness despite their reservations in new situations. They balance assertion and softness admirably as a cardinal water sign.

Leo: Naive idealism. They just don’t get maliciousness and cruelty. Pride and pettiness, sure. But the former has no justifiable place in their world.

Virgo: Their willingness to see themselves in the context of everyone else, to work in a team, to embrace that their part, no matter how small, is a cog in the workings of a whole system. They can appear rather ego-less in this context.

Libra: The ability to romanticise everyday gestures or situations, a way of adding a sense of art and intrigue into the otherwise ordinary to others.

Scorpio: How they draw meaning from most everything. Nothing is just a surface matter for them, but something for them to consider, scrutinise and draw as much information from as possible. They look for depth, a rich existence.

Sagittarius: Their sense of humour. Their happiness radiates from them, and they can find lightness in difficult and troubled times, which in turn, spreads to others.

Capricorn: The sweetness they add into things in subtlety. Outright displays of affection are unlikely, but they find ways to express it in other ways.

Aquarius: Their awkwardness when it comes to “heavy” topics or one to one interaction. They can often deflect this with humour and intellectual topics to talk about, once again putting them in their element.

Pisces: The extent they can go to for the sake of pleasing others from a place of kindness is extensive. They can be one thing and say one thing to one person, and change for another, reaching maximum connection to the person in their immediate company. They are accommodating individuals.

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I’m so fucking scared

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this is peak Craigslist



“Hey, what are you drawing? Can I see i–”

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This shook me to my core when I took my first pole class

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best sign ever

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This is me as hell.

June 13 2017

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Choose your character

the raw energy off this video is frightening me

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Gorilla tactical rolls and then uses sand attack

pocket sand

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*austin powers voice* do you I make you valid baby?



there are five frogs staring at me right now

but only one can be america’s next top model

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